Previous winners

Dean Gleeson - Barber of the Year 2021

     Dean showed great technique and skill with his entry. After being crowned barber of the year 2021, he sat down with Barber Evo to reflect on the competition and what the future has in store. 

      When asked about why he entered the competition, Dean explained that whilst in the past he used to turn up and cut hair, he soon discovered the value of entering competitions to raise his profile and learn more about the craft.

      Dean went on to explain the process of the competition from choosing the model, styling him and taking the photographs was a great learning curve. Finishing, "Even if I hadn't won, I would have taken so much away from it". 

      Dean said he attributed the competition to reigniting his passion for photography, reminding him that the industry isn't all about being behind the chair all day. 
      Since the competition, Dean has continued to improve at his craft in all aspects, which he regularly demonstrates on his Instagram page @dean_gleeson_. Dean has also continued to work in Mengo Male Grooming, Essex, which he owns alongside his business partner Asa. 

       Dean's skills and competition entry have also recently helped him earn a sponsorship from Dapper Dan, whom he is now working closely with to make content across social media.

John Fillingham - Young Barber of the Year 2021

We asked John several questions to understand his motivations and his ambitions: 

Q. Firstly, how long have you been working in the industry?

A. I've been cutting hair for 3 years now.

Q. What made you decide to enter the competition?

A. I entered because I wanted to show my work, in an industry where there's so much talent it's hard to get your name out and I wanted to prove to myself that I can achieve that. 

Q. Did the competition help you to improve your barbering?

A. Definitely, it made me take a step back and analyse my work more and try and raise my level as well as being more consistent with that level.

Q. What was your process for deciding your entry, did you have a particular look in mind?

A. I wanted to do something different to make me stand out. I thought with lockdown it was a good time for people to grow their hair so I wanted to use that. However, instead of a classic scissor cut, I wanted to add skin tapers and a sharp Shape up as well to create layers and texture to achieve my take on a modern Duck Tail Cut. 

Q. What are your ambitions or plans for the future?

A. I want to try to improve in all aspects of barbering from social skills, the standard of cuts and building up more of a clientele. I also want to go to barber events, and eventually, have my own shop.


Check out more of John's work on his Instagram @john.fillingham. 

Gleb Morozov - International Barber of the Year

        Gleb, in his amazing entry, demonstrated flawless technical ability along with an imaginative style, combining precision and movement perfectly. Truly blowing the International competition away.

        Gleb's barbering prowess is displayed on his well-curated Instagram @zaebis.haircuts, made even more impressive with the professional level of photography it houses. Alongside his barbering, Gleb is also passionate about passing on his knowledge and skills through his teaching.

When we spoke to Gleb about his ambitions for the future he certainly showed his ambitions. Gleb explained to us that he wants to become a master of barbering who leaves his mark on the pop culture of the 21st Century.