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Tips for success

How each Category is judged. 

Barber of The Year and International Barber of The Year

These 2 categories are judged on 3 main factors. 

  • Technique

  • Creativity 

  • Finesse

Barbershop of the Year

This category is judged on a number of factors each of which will be scored and totalled to find a winner, those are:

  • Shop décor/aesthetic  

  • The quality of work produced (judged via your shop's Instagram) 

  • The volume and positivity of your Google Reviews

There's more to winning than just uploading a good haircut, so here's our tips for a successful entry. 

  1.  Focus on the technique. This is the most important element that our judges will lookout for, so make sure you show off your best.

  2. Photography. Whilst we don't judge the work based at all on the photography of the cut, a good photo can help highlight the best elements of a haircut to take your entry to that next level. 

  3. Have a vision. We don't just want to see a great haircut, we want the cut to reflect your style as a barber and your vision for the future of barbering. 

  4. Provide more than one photo. You only need one photo to enter this year's competition, however, providing 3-5 photos with different angles helps the judges see the complete work. 

  5. Use the right finishing touch. Using great products correctly is essential for an amazing look, so make sure you are comfortable with whichever product you use to get the best results. 

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